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What Is A Subdivision?

a single home in a neighbourhood built by waverly homes

Subdivision is popular for people looking for a new, readily available property. But there’s a lot more to a subdivision than that and that’s why it is important to know as much as you can about a subdivided piece of land before investing in one.  In this article, Waverly Homes will cover everything you need …

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What is a Townhome?

what is a townhome

What is a townhome? Does the word “townhome” ring a bell? Let me take you back a century or two, where an individually owned townhome was referred to as royalty’s multi-floor residence that was often spotted lining the streets of 19th century England. Both then & today, a townhome depicts architecture with vertical floors, where …

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What Is A Bungalow?

what is a bungalow

What Is A Bungalow? is a common question among first-time home buyers. Over the past few decades, you may have noticed that houses are getting taller, and the apartments are getting smaller. The average house size today is about 2,600 square feet, and if you ask anyone what size they would like their home to …

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What is a Single-Family Detached Home?

In the world of real estate, many terms create confusion. Even though “What is a single-family detached home?” seems relatively straightforward, it can be a point of confusion for many new home buyers. Other terms like condos and fixer-upper homes can leave the home buyer wondering what they’re getting into. Will the space be enough …

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