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At Waverly Homes we work together with you to create a home that suits your needs, lifestyle and budget. We create a space that is unique to you and your dreams. We believe that building your dream home should be a rewarding and exciting experience.

It is not terribly unusual for an artist, painting only for themselves, to be discovered and achieve great and unexpected success. It is a testament to the artists talent that his or her work catches on so quickly perfect technique and great style make the work irresistible. But although this may be an unsurprising story when it is about a painter, it would be highly unusual if the same story were told about a homebuilder. After all, home building is a multifaceted endeavour, requiring not only the eye of an artist, but a technical and analytical mind, skill with tools and materials, and a keen business sense. Surely homebuilding is too complex a process for such an idyllic success story! Certainly such a story could only be true of the most outstanding caliber of homebuilder! This is indeed true, and it is the story of Waverly Homes.

Customers are often inspired by the model homes, and it is usually something in the model that triggers their imagination and makes them decide to build with Waverly Homes. But even though the model homes inspire, each home can be customized with your own selections. Can you think of a few features that you wish you had in your current home? Have you ever wished that you could have a home designed specifically for your lifestyle? Waverly Homes customers can have a role in modifying the design of their homes. You would deal directly with the cabinet company, for example, to get the best in choice and specialist advice. Imagine designing your own kitchen! Advice is always available.

The uniqueness of each Waverly home goes far beyond a custom layout.
Each home is a unique piece of art.

Waverly Homes is serious about their commitment to customers. They have never had a warranty claim and they endeavour to deal with any concerns within 24‑48 hours. Homes are finished before customers move in ‑ even down to the final coat of paint ‑ and their after‑sales service is friendly and efficient.

Everyone loves a big, beautiful kitchen

Everyone loves a big, beautiful kitchen. But it’s even better when the kitchen and family room are visible in an open concept design. Spend time with the family even when making meals for that cozy family feeling. At other times, ease the discomfort of close quarters when the stylish soirée gravitates toward the kitchen as so often happens. Once you’ve worked in a space that offers such solutions ‑ once you’ve lived in a Waverly home ‑ you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Tools of the trade

Of course, this success story would never be complete without recognizing an essential element of every building project: the outstanding trades‑people who work for Waverly Homes.

“Our tradespeople are professional and They do things right the first time, and if they ever need to go back to visit a customer, they’re always efficient, effective and very considerate.” It is important to have tradespeople who are great at their work and great with customers. Despite its increasing size, London still retains its small‑town feel and the great work and attitude of the tradespeople have contributed to the excellent reputation enjoyed by Waverly Homes.


All Waverly Homes are built with the same standard features. View Waverly Homes Specifications here.

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