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What Is A Subdivision?

Subdivision is popular for people looking for a new, readily available property. But there’s a lot more to a subdivision than that and that’s why it is important to know as much as you can about a subdivided piece of land before investing in one. 

In this article, Waverly Homes will cover everything you need to know about subdivisions, from what a subdivision actually means, and the benefits of a new home in a subdivision, to tips when buying a new home in a subdivision.

Benefits of Buying a New Home in a Subdivision

You may be wondering what the benefits of buying a new home in a subdivision are, and what makes a subdivided piece of land different. Here are the perks that come with buying a new home in a subdivision:

1. One ready-to-move-in house

The work is already done for you when you buy a new construction house or a pre-construction home in a brand-new development. You receive a completely furnished, move-in-ready home. In order to avoid worrying about making necessary repairs and upgrades to their new homes, roughly 48% of first-time purchasers said they prefer new homes. You don’t need to use a hammer, paintbrush, or even your finger.

2. Modern technologies

Modern technology is frequently included in newly built homes to meet the demands of contemporary living. Consider adding loudspeakers, unique lighting, structured cabling, alarm systems, and other technology to make your new house come alive. You could save a ton of money, time, and wall holes by doing this.

3. High Baseline Standards

Your home’s foundation will be solid and secure if you choose to build in a brand-new development, both literally and figuratively speaking. The newest building materials and appliances are always being used by home builders, who pay close attention to every little detail. Your home might be more energy-efficient than an older home if it has brand-new HVAC, plumbing, and appliance systems.

4. More Individualization

The modern home buyer demands more influence over the interior specifications. Working with nearby residential buildings in the brand-new neighbourhood enables you to include personalized changes before the project is finished.

By customizing even the smallest details of the floor plans, fixtures, and appliances, you can give your home a unique flair. The local home builder can collaborate with you to create the rooms of your ideal home according to your preferences.

5. Low Upkeep Requirements

After you move in, new appliances could need less maintenance for the first several months. It’s possible that the HVAC system won’t break down right away when you move. The expense of any necessary repairs or maintenance can be partially covered by the manufacturer’s warranties on the materials used in the home’s construction and furnishing.

Tips When Buying a New Home in a Subdivision

Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying a new home in a subdivision:

1. Location: Proximity to vital amenities like schools, shops, hospitals, motorways, fire service, etc. is key. The closer you are to your frequently visited places, you will thank yourself later!

2. Inspect your new home: While your home will be new, be certain you know all the basic maintenance you’ll need. Check for the quality of your home by yourself if you know what you are doing. You should have someone with experience in home inspection help you if you are a novice home buyer.

3. Do your research: Check the developer’s history of the sub-division and how well they delivered. Ask the neighbours in the sub-division (if any) can be a good way to get an idea of the quality of the homes, and services they have been getting. You can also read online reviews about the builder, which sometimes provide a lot of helpful insights.

4. Get an independent lawyer: Have a lawyer explain things you don’t understand in the contract and make sure the contract is in order.

5. Measure up the floor plan: Look for differences between the show home and your actual floor plan. This can be a big money-saving tip if the actual property is not well-matched with the proposed floor plan.


There are various reasons you would want to buy a new home in a subdivision, from looking for a ready-to-move-in house to the low upkeep that comes with new buildings.

Despite these reasons, the process of purchasing a property in a subdivision might be a little challenging. But with the tips in this article, you’re in a better position to make the right decision.