Bath Tub and Shower Areas

The inevitable crack that appears between the bathtub and wall tiles is caused by the shrinkage of materials. As the homeowner, you must maintain this area to ensure the leakage does not occur by stripping off old caulking and thoroughly cleaning the surface before replacing it. We recommend you use silicone caulking, as this will allow for movement due to settlement.

Caulking may be required on the kitchen counters, bathroom vanity tops, the wall joints between the cushion flooring and bathtub, around wall mounted soap dishes, bathtub, and shower faucets, and the underside of shower thresholds.

Noisy Pipes

Water hammer is probably the most common pipe noise. It results from a sudden stop in the flow of water by turning the faucet off fast. We recommend that you turn the taps off slowly.

The annoying rattling sound sometimes heard when you open a faucet may indicate a loose washer. Air trapped in the water lines can also be the culprit.

Sinks’ Steel

Keep it sparkling with normal, frequent cleaning. Wipe with soft cloth, soap and water, rinse and wipe dry.

Brass Finishes

Although our suppliers apply the finest available protective plating to the surface of their brass products, these finishes have limitations and in time may deteriorate, from exposure to perspiration, pollution, some cleaning products, hair spray, and similar products. Waverly Homes and its suppliers cannot accept responsibility for the finish, which is unavoidable. These products will not be refinished or replaced under our warranty. Wipe the surface weekly with a soft cloth and mild soap as an effective maintenance procedure or apply a paste wax coating.

Plumbing and Fixtures Tips

Remove the filter at the end of the faucet and rinse thoroughly to remove any small particles, debris, or minerals that may collect over time.

Do not dispose of grease, fat, and similar petroleum products through the plumbing system. These materials accumulate in the pipes, reducing their efficiency. Continuous or large-scale usage of this kind can affect municipal or private sewage disposal systems.

Septic systems are the most common type of private sewage disposal systems. Proper use and regular maintenance are essential to ensure trouble-free performance and ONHWP warranty coverage. As a homeowner, any problems that arise from negligence, misuse, or inadequate maintenance are not covered by your warranty.

Protect the smooth, glossy surfaces on your plumbing fixtures by avoiding harsh abrasive cleaners and soap pads that dull and wear down the fixtures making the finish dull and leaky. Most household cleaners are slightly abrasive, but if used in moderation and with plenty of water are harmless. Steel pads and some strong cleansers, however, can do irreparable damage.