Hydro & Utilities

As a homeowner, any alterations to hydro and utilities did by you or contracted by you will void your warranty.

Circuit Breaker Panel

Your home’s circuit breaker panel is located in your basement or garage. In case of electrical failure, please check this panel for a breaker in the “off” position. To reset, push the breaker all the way “off” and then “on”. Please have a qualified electrician perform any electrical work i.e. hanging chandeliers, installing fixtures.

Outlet Covers

Your new home builder pre-wired all units for telephone, cable, and television during the construction. When the service representative visits to hook these services up, you should ask them to install covers on all the outlets where you are not installing these services. Waverly Homes does not supply these covers.

Marble is a highly valued decorative stone. There are thousands of different kinds of marble each a little different in colour, hardness, and markings. Since there are slight differences in each material, there will be maintenance adaptation necessary for each kind. Marble is very sensitive to acids and alkalis and stains if spillages are not wiped up immediately.

Recommended care and maintenance:

  • Use a clean non-oily dust mop
  • Remove any wet spillage by damp mopping or sponge
  • Remove fine particles from mops or sponges
  • Let the floor dry before allowing traffic
  • Do not use steel wool pads