Doors & Windows

Doors & Frames

Doors are subject to some variations and warping. Seasonal conditions may cause the door to undergo a change in size, wider in summer and rainy seasons, narrower in dry winter conditions. Therefore, do not adjust or cut your interior doors, as it will tend to correct themselves. Variations of six millimeters (1/4 inch) or less out of plumb are considered normal for our climate.

Report all adjustments and planning problems to your new home builder on the 12-month Customer Service Report.


Waverly Homes will warrant your thermopane windows from seal failure for a period of 24 months after closing. All claims are to be sent in writing to our Head Office within the warranty period.

After your builders’ warranty has expired, your windows may be covered under a manufacturer’s warranty for seal failure. In these cases, the manufacturer replaces the window but as a homeowner, you are responsible for the cost of labour and installation.

Waverly Homes is not responsible for any warranty or guarantee is given by the manufacturer or supplier thereof: regardless of the terms of, or any conditions limiting such guarantee.

Check the operation of all windows in the spring and in the fall. If you have casement windows, check the crank operation and lubricate with a silicone spray, if necessary. If you find a serious problem contact the window manufacturer.

Inspect the outside window finishes; check the caulking for signs of deterioration. If it is wearing down, remove and with a good quality caulking compound to protect against moisture and cold air entering the home.

If your windows slide horizontally and include weep holes to the outside at the bottom track or frame keep them clean to allow drainage. Use a piece of wire to remove dust, debris, or insects regularly.

Do not paint where wood meets wood when a window is closed. The window is treated at the factory with a clear wood preservative so that it fits precisely. A build-up of paint will result in a less effective seal and make it more difficult to open and close the window.