In concrete surfaces pitting, superficial cracking, and “marbleizing” sometimes occur with little options for prevention.

During the first year, you may experience some minor dampness in the basement of your home resulting from condensation. There is a high level of humidity in a new home caused by the drying out of the material from which the home is constructed.

In warm weather, basement areas are relatively cold due to surrounding earth temperatures. Where this problem persists, keep basement windows open during dry weather and close them on hot humid days.

The basement has been damp-proofed in accordance with the building code. It is possible that it still may experience some water penetration, especially during excessively wet weather. It is also possible that the basement wall may experience some non-structural cracking: this is due to settlement and/or shrinkage. Waverly Homes will only repair cracks that are leaking. We recommend that you defer finishing the basement until after this initial “drying out” period of your new home is over.

While Waverly Homes will honour its warranty with respect to basement leakage, we cannot be held responsible for any damage to personal contents due to water leakage.

If it is your intention to finish the basement area, we strongly recommend that you delay this until after the second year. Should repairs be necessary, you are responsible for removing any improvements (shelving, walls, etc.) to provide clear access.

Your basement is covered under the Ontario New Home Warranty for a period of two years from the date of closing. All cracks and rod holes leaking must be followed up in writing and submitted before the end of the second year.

Floor drains should be filled with water once a month. This prevents any sewer odors from escaping from the trap under the basement floor.

Basement and Garage Floor Cracks

Hairline cracks on the surface of the basement and garage floors are common due to shrinkage of the material. They don’t leak or require attention. In finishing your basement, you may wish to paint the floor with “Resilicrete” floor paint or facsimile.